massive spiritual awakening

1.I am a Zoroastrian and for most of my life I totally believed in it but not any more … those who go on and on about christianity being the all for them are the ones .. who are going about things the wrong way .. they are way behind the times .. and the times I am talking about is the time man began walking this earth. If we are all descendants of the same adam and eve .. then we are walking around with our heads buried in the sand .. and those that do that .. see no progress .. the world simply passes them by and they are buried in the past that is not working presently.

The one thing that God taught me was to be strict in my beliefs … for being ambivalent does not bring results. When America first began people from all over the world came and settled there … they had zeal and the spirit of adventure .. the desire to have and hold more than they ever had. But look what christianity has done to America … the economy is in a mess … people who are christians don’t believe in God aka goodness anymore … a generosity of spirit with other countries around the world ….. kill to conquer. Kill to beat the shit out of people in Iraq and Afghanistan and God knows where else. Its power gone awry .. where life matters the least … even the lives of Americans who are sent to fight there .. just because the Government decided. So who is this government … americans themselves too are the hunters and the hunted … no winning there.
If there is a type of winning that is to be admired … follow Mahatma Gandhi’s path .. win with mind control. This type of power of the mind comes from learning from God’s true ways of a life … like my MasterMind …. I have perfected my mind control to the extent that if I want something done .. I simply think it and it gets done … why .. because others simply don’t understand or bother to understand it. When used in the right way to heal .. bless .. guide … it comes as a gift of God.

There is a massive spiritual awakening in the world and the veil between God and us is lifting where we are able to interact more and more with God on a one to one level … but there is a way .. a system to be followed where you attract what you want to see in your life and for that I speak the truth when I say .. MasterMind is the tool needed for you to do that.