Voice in the Dark said…

Voice in the Dark said…

Tuesday, January 15, 2008


Hi Diane and Linelle, Diane you have a wonderful spider sense for all things “bad”. Linelle I do understand how you felt after Joao “treated” you and there have indeed been many healings at the Casa. However Joao is indeed a sexual predator of a magnitude that defies comprehension. I was a tour guide to the Casa for many years and even though I “knew” about his behavior I could not bring myself to believe that good and evil could co-exist like it does at the Casa. So I decided not to “see”. However, I just cannot stand to see my sisters abused any longer. Healing does not require fondling and healers who do touch certain body parts should not have erections. (loose cotton trousers cannot hide everything). Also, women are often asked to go for private sessions. In these sessions they are asked to kneel down. Their heads are covered with a towel and Joao undoes his pants and asks for oral sex. If a women refuses she is told that she has “passed” the test and is given gifts and attention. If she goes along (women are often like Linelle, disassociated and very vulnerable)she may be asked to return and is given special privileges for a while. (He loves her, how can this be bad?) If she is upset, she is taken away, the ejaculate wiped from her face by a Casa worker and given a meal. Often women flee because behind the healing is power and Brazilian women know how dangerous power is. (Mothers of young girls who find out that their daughters have been molested often flee to protect their daughters) If she wakes up and is angry she is told that she is lying that it never happened. If that does not work there are death threats and at that point the victim usually goes home. His victims number in the high hundreds and the sad thing is that, since he likes “white paper” they are getting ever younger. Those who have been violated (without even knowing) like Linelle number in the thousands. What price healing?
Thank you Diane for have such a good nose for news. It is time for women everywhere to say “Enough!!”