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Things That Make You Go WTF! Black Child Removed From School, White Teacher Allergic to Afro

Posted June 7, 2010 by Amma Sarfo

I am so done with this story on so many levels! I am hoping that there is a lot more to this story that we are just not aware of right now because as it stands on the surface, it is beyond infuriating to have a teacher callously mistreat a child over something she has no control over nor full comprehension of.

“In Seattle, Wash., a white male teacher had an 8-year-old African American girl removed from the classroom. In most cases, children are removed for behavioral and disciplinary issues, which is clearly understandable and acceptable; however, this wasn’t the case here.

The teacher removed the girl, claiming her Afro was making him sick. Naturally, the father of the child, Charles Mudede, was extremely concerned after the incident, and, as a result, the girl, who was the only black child in the advanced-placement class, has missed two weeks of school.

The incident, which occurred at Thurgood Marshall Elementary School, was featured on KIRO-TV. The segment showed the hair product the girl used, Organic Root Stimulator’s Olive Oil Moisturizing Hair Lotion, as well as interviews with her mother and lawyer.

While the girl was eventually relocated to another class down the hall, the fact remains that such a decision could be made by a teacher alone, without the school contacting the parents directly — especially given the implications on the surface of a white teacher picking on a single black child as being the origin of his allergy. The NAACP stated that it will file a complaint with the U.S. Department of Education.

The fact that a teacher would engage in such behavior is troublesome — especially in front of other students. If America is in a post racial period, it appears that “post” and “pre” may be synonymous. Teresa Wippel, school district representative, said, “We’re certainly concerned about the incident and are looking into it. … Our goal is to make sure the student returns to school. The parents have, so far, not wanted to put her back in school. They want to be sure everything is resolved to their satisfaction…….” READ MORE

First of all how dare post this story & add insult to injury of an intelligent young 8 year old girl by posting a picture of Buckwheat to represent her likeness? Was this supposed to be amusing or making some sort of ill-conceived statement or are they just as oblivious to how they handle & hurt our children?

Who in the hell is this teacher & what is really going on at that school named after Thurgood Marshall that would allow him to have the audacity to remove the only African-American child from an advanced placement class, place her in the hallway then another class because he says he is allergic to the hair products she uses to maintain her natural hair. I would have been willing to give the teacher the benefit of the doubt because allergies are on a rise & there are so many toxic chemicals used these days even in so called natural products, if he as an educator would have handled the situation by contacting the child’s parents & notifying them to agree on a way to handle the situation without being insensitive & having to humiliate an 8 year old who will not automatically comprehend that she is not being sent out as an out cast because there is something wrong or toxic about her hair without proper explanation.

How dare this teacher make a decision to single out & exile a child who has done nothing wrong without prior notification & consent from the child’s parents & the principle of the school? What in the world is going on America? First we we make it legal in Arizona to have police racially profile anyone who they consider to look like an illegal immigrant, then we allow history books to be rewritten in Texas to favor a more conservative point of view, then we allow ethnic studies to be taken out of schools with little national protest & now this nonsense. To think all of this backward movement of America is actually being written into law in the state of Arizona, the state represented by John McCain, the man who could have been our president, makes me count my blessings as I wonder what this nation could have possibly turned into if he became president. What is going to be next -the reinstatement of Jim Crow laws? When are the people of this country who believe in positive forward movement & do not want to go backward in delving into this nations past racial divides going to get pissed off enought to stand up to those who are determined to move this nation backward. We can not as a nation protest the conflict between Palestinians & Jews, the lack of civil rights in Communist China, lack of religious & ethnic freedom in Tibet, the lack of women’s rights in muslim nations that have enacted sharia laws or the conflicts in Sudan, the Congo or any other nation that persecutes & denies the civil rights of its citizens when we continue to do the same right here in the so called post-racial America -the land of the free!