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Marie Exley of Colorado Springs plans to extend the run  this week of her 10 Armageddon ads appearing on bus benches in Colorado Springs. The ads were supposed to run only through October, but she’ll have them run six and a half months longer, Exley, 31, said.

Exley has received donations from people enabling her to keep the ads running till May 20, 2011, the day she believes is prior to Armageddon and Christ’s return. The ads read: “Save the Date!: Return of Christ, May 21, 2011.”

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Marie Exley

Exley is currently going  to various cities in the United States with friends handing out tracts that declare that Christ will return May 21, 2011. People she’s met in California, New York, Delaware and Pennsylvania have agreed to help pay some $2,650 to pay for the Springs ads.  Cost each month to run the ads is about $400.


Exley has become somewhat well-known since my story ran weeks ago about her financing the Armageddon ads. A couple weeks ago she appeared on the “Gary & Dino Show,” a podcast featuring Gary Zabransky and Dino DeMilio based in Los Angeles.

“They spent time mocking me,” Exley told me, “but that’s OK. I held my own. I didn’t get flustered.”

Exley wants to spend the months before Christ’s return spreading the message worldwide about the coming Armageddon. But she needs money first, since she’s unemployed and trying to support her sick mother in Colorado Springs.

How will Exley spend the remaining eight months? Will she live it up, taste the fruits of life while she can?

Not at all.