The law of life is belief . Belief is a thought in your mind that causes the power of your sub-conscious to be distributed into all phases of your life according to your thinking habits. You must realise that this “belief” is not the belief in some ritual, ceremony, religion or formula. Because humans are consciously aware of this vital life principle, our instinct (THIS IS THE PART OF YOU THAT IS GOD TALKING TO YOU) we can consciously direct it to bless ourselves in countless ways. Your faith and belief is the only process of healing and according to your faith it is done unto you.

This philosophy is a complex as well as a really simple one. I’ll explain …..its complex when you read it in its brevity but simple when you have the whole process explained……like in my book MasterMind…….so wouldn’t you like to have the philosophy explained simply 9

The ultimate goal of every one of us is to be successful at the game of life. I have been blessed with the power to rationalise and explain complex ideas simply. I know my book is very very good and that is why I have not hesitated to place a price tag on it of $.99/-. So if you can co-relate value in excess of the 99 bucks you will pay for my book …..then my book is for you.

Ultimately it boils down to the fact of how worthy you consider yourself to make an investment for your own life to benefit from my book. I will explain this so there is no ambiguity …. you are God … you must learn to open up that chapter for your life ….. it is your Creator telling you in clear terms … you will find me ready to teach you all you need through the pages of MasterMind.

MasterMind has been deliberately priced high … to discourage you from holding any doubts about it … for it is here to stay … not here today and gone tomorrow … as I am here to answer any doubts and fears. I hereby state that MasterMind will connect you to God … you will be taught how to grow from a child of spirit ….. to spirit …. you already know this somewhere deep within you …. all it needs is to come up to the surface of your consciousness . How …. that answer is already lying hidden in the recesses of your own mind …. the words of MasterMind are the link to how souls converse … that is as much as you need to know now. It is a beautiful journey of the self where you keep finding more and more of your own power of all the right ingredients for your life. Love, faith, joy, belief and there are so many many more … beat them all up together vigorously … at first chaos …. then the dust begins to settle and your creation of your own life begins to start taking shape. That to put into a nutshell is how God created the world in six days .. he rested on the sabbath …. so now you begin to get the picture …. I am glad I was able to understand this well enough having lived it myself … to share it with you.

I know for myself that I have seldom looked at a price-tag when I have decided to buy anything. If I want it….why then I simply must have it ! YOU DO TOO …. its called the added value for your life.

You must ! then and only then ….will you see the changes in your life that you would like to see ……and life begins to resemble a beautiful fairy-tale……