The Beat Of The Heart

From beautiful Erin:


In Love & Service

Hi Friends! Thank you for visiting my blog, where I will share updates along my spiritual journey. I chose the name Love & Service because that is what I wake up and ask the Universe for everyday. How can I be in Love & Service to you Universe? I am very excited to share my enthusiasm as I work towards my goal to serve humanity

The Beat Of The Heart

“It’s interesting that the purer one’s heart becomes, the more the tiniest act is that which resonates in an appropriate fashion to bring a deeper harmony, a deeper way back into the Tao—as if one ever left it.” –Ram Dass

“As if one never left it”….I think that is my aim, to get a place of “pure being” as if I never left. I always loved the saying “where does everybody go when they go?” Is it possible that we are already in the Tao, perhaps forgetting where we are and creating an illusion that we have left?

How does one’s heart become pure? There has got to be a trillion ways to do so, but what resonates for me is found in the midst of passion. When someone is embracing their passion and activating the art of it, they are creating a pure connection to their heart! Passion is found in anything that brings you immense joy and a compelling feeling of happiness!

One passion of mine in Kirtan, chanting the sacred names of the Divine. As I have mentioned in the earlier post, Kirtan ignites my heart with love and absolute bliss. A beautiful group of friends of mine recently started creating Kirtan music together and they encouraged me to give the drum a try. After letting go of my lifelong personal belief that “I am musically challenged” I grabbed the drum and began to play! To my surprise I discovered a new passion of mine, playing music!

The tiny act of being willing to pick up the drum and play Kirtan music has resonated within and led me to create some harmonic sounds! When I let go and play to these harmonic songs, I find the beat of my heart. It is there where I begin to fall deeper into the Tao, as if I never left. In this space, the “I” dissipates and everything unites into

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