Jane writes of harm of ‘medium Joao’


thJane writes about the practice of sexual of john of god in Abadiania, Brazil .

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Well, I did have first hand experience with John of God. I was sexually molested by him twice. I did not take the first time as sexual molestation because he only asked me to hug him and stare deep in his eyes, and he massaged my hips saying he was working on my chakras… I thought he was a good man at that point. But the second time I was invited by the entities to go see the “medium Joao”, he tried to have sex with me, asked me to hold certain parts of him… You were wrong on your assumption, I know John of God better than most of his followers. I was once one of his admirers and came to seek help at the Casa until he did what he did. The next day he acted as if nothing had happened, and he did not even mind asking my name.