America has taking huge steps in becoming a post racial society, but are we fully there? If I were to answer this question in my own words I would say we are not there yet. Stereotypes are still very present in our society. These stereotypes lower the ceiling of someone’s full potential. For instance, lets say an african american man is in a job interview in hopes to be hired as the new high school janitor in a nicer part of town. However there is one set back, times are hard and he arrives at his interview in his street clothes because of the lack of money he has. If the interviewer believes in society’s stereotypes, the african american doesn’t stand a chance at getting the job. Because of the stereotype about young african american men in baggy clothing this man was instantly rejected. One dilemma this man now must face is how he will find the money to eat and maintain his health. It is far too common that crime is the answer most jobless select. This is a cycle that continues to happen to many people regardless of if the color of their skin. The cycle starts out with the stereotype affecting a specific individual which ends up having to do whatever is required to survive which may include crime. After the crime is done, those who are affected now have a specific experience that will shape


their view on the individual’s specific race.tumblr_mkdzdpfoXH1qbog47o1_1280