Extraordinary claims

Phillip Barnhart
Commented 1 year ago in Weird News

“He is not able to heal people. If he was effective even 1% of the time there would be a line of researchers all vying for their Nobel prize documenting him. Insurance companies would crawl all over themselves to ship him North. There is a standing $1 Million reward for any psychic who can perform under unbiased conditions – and never do any of these charlatans even attempt it. He accepts donations because if he charges money they would immediately arrest him for fraud.

That said, you do not need to ‘prove’ a fraud. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof. He needs to prove that he affecting the outcome of a patient’s disease. Which he cannot. How come, in the most technologically advanced nation on Earth, where are standards for performance are so high we get apoplectic when mobile phone drops a connection, that when it comes to health we accept scams such as psychic healers, homeopathic medicine, etc. that contradict the most basic scientific standards.”