Obama Wins

imagesThere are certain moments in a person’s life that they’ll never forget. That first kiss, that first job, first house…and where you were and what you were feeling when Barack Obama became President of the United States. I was on assignment, sitting in my rented cottage, looking earnestly at the TV screen…..and then…there it was….”Obama Wins!!!!!”

I jumped up off the couch and screamed, “Ohhhhhhhh My God!. Yeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeessssssssssssssss…….Praise Jesus! Thank you, Lord!!!!” I jumped around wildly, like a raving derelict, knocking over my peppermint tea, fumbling for the phone to call EVERY person I knew…so jubliant that I, a young, black woman could witness history in the making during my lifetime. Obama’s win was my win. My victory. My hope that AmeriKlan, a country with such a sorted, evil, shameful past, could begin to heal and finally move forward. I cried like a newborn baby. I cried so much, I became dizzy and needed to lie down. I prayed to God that night to let us, humans, heal from the sins of our forefathers and move towards a brighter future. Not just as black men and women but as people, the way God intended.