swirlish fantasies

Blackwomen who prostitute their bodies for white male consumption are encouraging and contributing to white male supremacy. As black males, we’ve been conditioned to view the white female as the apex of womanhood. The reality, is that, white males have been pushing this lie to the masses for hundreds of years to influence our thinking. Sistas such as Montana Fishburne will never be given the same focus as Kim Kardashian, because, it would force whitemen to admit the ugly truth about themselves and their abuse of african women on this planet. So, all of us go along with the storyline…white girls are this, white girls are that, white girls are so freaky, white girls do any and all things in the bedroom, etc. Whitewomen know they’re being used by whitemen to fool blackmen, they have some intelligence in their skulls. So many of us wonder why white females chase after blackmen so much? Deep down, whitewomen know that their brothers don’t love them as much as they claim. All the material comforts that they enjoy today came from the enslavement of other women, blackwomen to be specific. In a roundabout way, they blame sistas for the demise of whiteness, which makes no sense. Poaching blackmen from their black sisters is residue from slavery. It’s more than just sex, sistas should stay mindful of this. The porn industry is not a big supporter of black sexuality. It was forced to highlight black female and male actors because of technology. The internet was a game-changer on a global scale. In the past, folk had to drive to the nearest adult store to rent or purchase videos. Today, folk don’t have to risk being seen by relatives and co-workers out in the streets. This newfound access opened up porn to black folks as well. Technology allowed whites to indulge their swirlish fantasies within the comfort of their homes, and it allowed black sexuality to come out of the shadows for all to see. Today, black and inter-racial porn involving blacks are among the highest-selling genres of porn in an industry that has always been against black sexuality. In a twisted sort of way, porn served as validation for black people, especially blackmen. Whitemen had their way with blackwomen for hundreds of years, but, blackmen doing the same with white females was and is still taboo. How does all of this relate to black love/relationships? From a sober black male perspective, this is what i see with a certain group of blackmen. Some brothas can’t distinguish love and lust. Having an attraction to non-black women is expected, men are sexual beings by nature. Instead of blackmen being honest, and saying, they want to sample other flavors because their curious, the men in question resort to degrading blackwomen to justify having sexual relations with other women. As to the issue of racial preference, it’s a false concept that is used as a convenient excuse by insecure blackmen who lack a solid foundation. The notion of blackmen and men in general not being sexually attracted to their sisters is a foreign concept to me. I can understand a blackman being sweet on other women, but, why would that make him not sweet on the women of his race at the same time? Any blackman that has the balls to say that he doesn’t find blackwomen attractive is insane to me. He sees himself as the apex of all men, born from a blackwoman, but they’re not attractive likewise. Brothas, that’s bulls**t in every sense of the word. Sistas, logic is always the best teacher…Always! I don’t know why this issue is so complex for some blackmen? My mother is a blackwoman, if i forsake her for another, i don’t love her. Let’s call a spade a spade…self-loving blackwomen want their sons to bring home women that look like them…Bottomline! Black people will never be free as long as we’re in conflict with each other…Ditto! Umoja, sistas are waiting for us to take the next step, it’s our call!!!