We are making our own history!


We are making our own history!

In Fall 2012, we will begin the first music and art classes of All Saints’ Music & Art Village. Born from a dream and a desire to share the love of the Arts, All Saints’ Music & Art Village began work to offer a free music and arts program to neighborhood children.

All Saints has recently joined the ranks of the intentionally “missional” congregations in the Diocese of Missouri, and they are engaged in the prayerful process of determining where God might be inviting them to join in God’s mission, particularly in north St. Louis. All Saints has long felt that it needs to reach out in a caring way to the neighborhood in which it is located, and a project such as this would certainly be a way in which to accomplish this.

Initially, the program will focus on three public schools in the neighborhood of All Saints’: Lexington & Ashland Elementaries and Yeatman-Liddell Middle School and limited to 30-40 students. The program will be a two day per week after-school program of basic art and a music program concentrating on keyboards and guitar. The beginning age group will be 4th grade through 8th grade.