negative experience , from john of god

From Laura

Thank you everyone for your comments. I am a woman of faith in Jesus Christ and have worked as a holistic healer for twenty years. I went to see JOG two days ago with an open mind to discover what he was offering — my interest being from the standpoint of a healer myself and also to open myself to a potential means of healing from a recent family crisis. I had an intensely negative experience of JOG and the whole “mill” of his enterprise. Never before had I felt so violated after a “spiritual experience” — and I have had numerous profound spiritual moments in my life. My encounter with his entities left me feeling that my energies had been USED for the purpose of bolstering the darker forces present there. I feel so foolish now for having been so naive. For the last two days, I am weakened and on bed rest, praying to God to restore a right spirit within me. This was NOT healing, but a massive energetic rip off. It will take me time to recover, and I have faith that I will. I also pray for others who are seduced into giving away their trust to a flawed man and his entities. I wish all could read this blog.

Lastly, I would say that the most disturbing social element of JOG’s work (aside form my personal negative experience) is the co-mingling of scripture/the authentic words of Jesus Christ with impure intentions. This amounts to a large scale deception. Yes, he has everyone there “drinking the Koolaid.” I doubt I will set foot on the Omega Institute campus ever again, so revolted was I by the experience.

Yes, it is true that “all healing comes from God.” I only wish that JOG could actually live by these words.