Faith healer Medium John of God honoured by Pope???



       I came across this rather bizarre information while looking into faith healer ‘john of god’ of brazil.   From a web site by Kiran Schmidt( see below), making claims that both ‘john of god’ and himself have been recognized and honored by the Catholic ChurchSpecifically , stating that he, Kiran Schmidt was knighted into the Order of Sylvester and initiated as a Knight of the Grand Cross in the Order of St Gregory. Also, the person know as ‘john of god’ was honored as Knight-commander into the Order of St Gregory the Great. See below, for listed web sites.

Personally, I find these claims unbelievable and looking into the ‘gentleman’s’ web pages, I find this more so. I have asked my Catholic friends, went online to and Catholic Web (Ask a Franciscan) and got the same answer: the Pope and Catholic Church would never honor these men with their spiritist background and new age beliefs.

But, what does this mean? Did the Catholic Church really recognize and honor them as claimed???

If so, perhaps the Catholic Church wasn’t aware of the background of these two. Their ideology of Spiritism , New Age healing beliefs. belief in mediums and ‘entities’, that spirits of dead people can be channeled to heal the sick for them. And much more to list here.

If not, then these claims are totally false or deliberate attempts to misrepresent themselves and find further support for their businesses, (what better way to disguise your bad intentions than pretending you have an endorsement from the Pope!!!)  Please look through this blog. We welcome any additional information or advice.

Excerpts below taken from Kiran Schmidt’s web page@ 

Joao-de-Deus-initiated-into-the-Order-of-St-GregoryThis week I had the privilege to hand over a degree signed by Cardinal Bertone, the secretary of Vatican-State that honours John of God as a knight-commander of the Order of St Gregory the Great….   A wonderful signal of the Catholic Church to honour a man who certainly has facilitated more miracle healing than all Saints together…..

Pope order

Joao de Deus is the greatest living representative of Spiritism tradition, in the country that has the greatest number of practitioners – Brazil. In a public survey to find the most popular brazilian person Chico Xavier …john of God considers Chico Xavier his mentor and guide that brought him to establish his clinic in Abadania……In Brazil where I see more people going to church and where churches of all sizes are full even during the week. Spiritism, by most, is not considered a replacement for Religion but an addition…. Therefore he has no knowledge of medicine or anatomy. It is the entities, spirits of dead personalities, who in their earthly lifetime were doctors, surgeons, healers, philosophers or theologians…..The spiritual operations and the physical surgery, which for legal reasons is only performed in Brazil, are clear evidence that higher powers are at work…..


Information on Kiran Schmidt and john of god

                         1) Kiran Schmidt’s 2008 web page @          includes
                                                    a) strange new age healing methods
                                                    b) document? confirming knighthood Order St Sylvester
                                                    c) photos of Pope, Cardinal Bertone? Schmidt dressed in robes
                                                     d) Schmidt’s statements implying Pope and Catholic Church recognize endorse him and his new  age          healing businesses and methods.

Excerpt from page:
Message from the Founder – June 2008
A Small Step for Kiran Schmidt but a great step to help the cause of Energetic and Informational Medicine
On the 12th of July 2008 Kiran Schmidt Director of Inergetix Inc and inventor of the CoRe System was honored by the Catholic Church to be initiated into the Order of Sylvester

kiran-initiated silvestri


                               2) Kiran Schmidt’s 2010 web page @    


                                              a) Stating he was “initiated as a Knight of the Grand cross in the Order of St Gregory
                                              b) provides photo of document signed by Cardinal Bertone
                                              c) Schmidt implies Catholic Church recognizes and endorses his new age healing business and practices.

Kiran doc st grer

Document that confirms Kiran’s knighthood in the order of St Gregory

                                   3) Various sites, Schmidt’s endorsement of  faith healer ‘john of god’ and Schmidt’s businesses, also a look into Kiran Schmidt’s character, ideology and business practices.

                                               a) Schmidt being treated on a Crystal Bed and discussing new age nonsense beliefs about charkas and spiritistenergy@           

                                                b) Schmidt endorsement and visit to  faith healer ‘john of god’ in Brazil @                                    
                                               c) Kiran Schmidt’s various web page ‘ businesses’
                                                                  1) Schmidt’ self-made bio page and business -‘ Inergetix Energy and Information Medicene’ Founder of business . Calls himself Dr. Kiran Schmidt including homeopathy , energy healing and information medicene?                                                                                                         
                                                                 2) ‘Academy of Information and Energy Medicene’                                                


Toronto news story posts photos of signed ‘documents and claims john of god was honored by Pope!!!!!!!!