St Ignatius visits Earth

Spirit Photography

Today, in the remote village of Abadiania, Brazil, St Ignatius of Loyola again takes earthly form to spend the day among the devout pilgrims of Medium ‘john of god’. Every year, on July 31 john of god has the great honor of incorporating the Entity of St Ignatius , who passed from this physical world over 500 years ago. As we know, miracles happen on a regular basis at ‘Casa de Dom Inácio de Loyola’, the aptly named ‘place of business’ for this faith healer. According to Grainne McEntee, on the Friends of Casa Website, this is a sample of what one may expect: ”

Every year it is hectic in Abadiania from the 24th June, St.John’s  day and Medium Joao’s birthday until July 31 when we celebrate the Anniversary of Dom Ignacio’s passing into the spirit world

…With a gasp of breath and a rolling of his eyes Saint Ignatius of Loyola had taken over and was present in the body of Medium Joao. The highly charged energy field was so palatable to one and all. Many in the large gathering were overcome and carried off to be  tended by volunteers in the recovery room. The majority were weeping tears of joy to be witnessing such a profound demonstration of the  existence of a spirit world. As Dom Ignacio was assisted slowly from the main hall through the current rooms to his chair a wave of raw, rare, radiant emotion swept his path. Nobody remained untouched by his enormous auric field. A slight  limp was noticeable as in his lifetime his left leg was injured by  shrapnel in battle. Indeed he takes on the characteristics of his human form while he was incarnate on the earth. As he reached his chair festooned with flowers of welcome, the colour of the sun and bright   white light, he offered words of love and wisdom to all in a deep and  reverent voice….

…this year he performed a marriage ceremony,  joining in matrimony Medium Joao and his wife Anna. A surprise to both of them and also to those present, as we were honoured by Saint Ignatius  presence for about 40 minutes on this very special day.

This is indeed one of the most incredulous ‘miracles’ ever described! St Ignatius, the great patron Saint of Catholics, and founder of the Jesuits comes all the way to the remote village of Abadiania and then incorporates in the body of the man  john of god and while in the physical body of john of god performs a marriage ceremony between the man john of god and his already married wife Anna? Got it? Well, like St Ignatius always says “‘For those who believe no words are necessary, for those who do not         believe, no amount of words are sufficient’.