John of God. Always time for Num Nums

“Well, I did have first hand experience with John of God.  I was sexually molested by him twice.  I did not take the first time as sexual molestation because he only asked me to hug him and stare deep in his eyes, and he massaged my hips saying he was working on my chakras…  I thought he was a good man at that point.  But the second time I was invited by the entities to go see the “medium Joao”, he tried to have sex with me, asked me to hold certain parts of him…  You were wrong on your assumption, I know John of God better than most of his followers.  I was once one of his admirers and came to seek help at the Casa until he did what he did.  The next day he acted as if nothing had happened, and he did not even mind asking my name.”  Jane’s comments from Dangerous Diane’s Blog

Brazilian medium Joao de Deus (John of G

Well, I decided to take a little break from writing and reporting on JOG, until I followed Kendall F. Person’s Blog post on Jeffrey Lionel Dahmer and I thought , what strange people there are running between heaven and earth. JOG s not no Dalmer, I hope. But he’s pretty strange in his own right. And now he has the distinguished honor of being a knight commander in the Papal Order of St Gregory, he’s got a lot going for him! And num nums too! He’s doing better than the pope.  Here  are some comments that I clipped and pasted. Sometimes it’s better to let the victims tell the story. These comments stand on there own. Thanks, K for keeping me going.

Voice of the witness said…

From Jane to the lady that posted as anonymous above: I was also treated like that, exactly like that the first time the entities asked me to go see “Medium Joao”.  He hughed me, and told me to look deep into his eyes, then he rolled his eyes upwards, as if being taken by some spirit.  Then he told me to hugh him, and press my body against his.  Then he said he was working on my chakras, and he told me to move my hips.  I felt awkward, because he is a guy, so I moved a little bit and felt awkward, and he told me to move more, and he started massaging my hips…  It was weird, but it felt like he was trying to help me or something.  He treated me all special, like I was an honored guest, offered me a drink, a soda, told me to sit on his couch.  Asked other followers to leave his office, and just stayed alone with me.  You get to feel great at this point.  Then, on my second visit when the entities told me to go back there to see Medium Joao in his private office, that was when he opened a little curtain down a hallway from his office, and there is a twin size mattress there against the wall, that’s when he told me to lay down there and he was gonna work on my chakras, so he keeps asking for females to take their clothes off, to hold his part, then he tells them that they were together in previous lives, and if the female is naive enough I have no doubt he will have sexual intercouse with them, and I do believe this man has impregnated many brazilian poor women who went there, because they are even more vulnerable.  Pllllllleeeeeeeease do not go to the Casa, that’s all I ask of anyone who ask me.