Holy Excrement! WASH THOSE HANDS, John of God!!


You have probably heard by now all the amazing claims of healing and miracles being performed by the hands of Medium John of God, of Brazil, curing every ailment and illness known to mankind from cancer to back problems to hernias. The ‘visible surgeries’ as they are called, include small incisions on the body, most commonly, certainly for women, are the breasts . There is also Eye Ball scraping with a small knife and John of God’s now world famous Up Your Nose surgery. All of these ‘surgeries’ result in some physical damage to the body and loss of blood. And all of these ‘surgeries’ have something else in common: All are claimed to be performed without anesthetic or sterilization of any kind and there are numerous photos, videos and reports of John of God to support this.

Now, what I want to draw attention to here is not the fact he performs them without anesthetic ( BTW, I’ve seen a video of a woman perhaps who had Up Your Nose and she was screaming her bloody head off, it hurt), but that he performs them WITHOUT gloves or WASHING his hands. EEW!!! C’mon John of God, at least have to decency to wash your hands before touching someone. Like Dad used to say, ‘You don’t know where those hands have been!!’ Seriously though, us folks who live in the civilized world have learned to wash our hands for a good reason. I don’t think I really have to go through the whole spiel here. Would any of us go to a doctor or dentist who didn’t wash his hands and wear gloves, which he does for his protection as well as ours! I remember being about 6 years old when I asked my mother ‘why I had to wash my hands everytime I went to the bathroom?’ Boy, did I get a lesson in personal hygiene! But, maybe there is a greater miracle for John of God. Maybe,  he never has to go to the bathroom!

But in any case, John of God,  WASH YOUR HANDS!!!