O’Reilly, Oprah agree

I never thought I’d agree with Bill O’Reilly. He definitely has his own agenda.
But like they say ‘it takes one to know one’. Reality check….this is all showbiz, my friend! O’Reilly and Oprah are on the top of the heap and masters of their craft. If you look at the original E Tonight clip



you can see how she segued from her movie to this incident. THIS WAS ALL SCRIPTED AND PLANNED. Sorry for the caps.


Now, Flip to the present and watch how she distances herself from this incident, but all the time STILL getting press and publicity for herself and her movie. If ever you get time check Oprah’s endorsement of quack faith healer john of god of brazil. This guy cures cancers by an old carny trick of sticking forceps up your nose and was thoroughly debunked by James Randi and American Cancer Society. But, watch Oprah’s act of believing and endorsing this as new age medicine. Priceless, now she’s doing the same act with a different show!