John of God, Hoax

John of God’s plain old Eye Ball Scraping trick to heal cancers and all other ailments just got way better… it’s a Blindfold Eye Ball Scraping trick. How gullible can people be!!!! What trick is next for the Amazing ‘John of God’ …Saw a Woman in Half!!!!     1377087_516420201785738_1634102138_n John of God: Healer, Hoax or Worse? John of God Claims to Channel Dozens of Dead Doctors D. Eric Williams D. Eric Williams, Yahoo Contributor Network Nov 17, 2010 “Share your voice on Yahoo websites. Start Here.”.   John of God is the “stage” name for Joao Teixeira da Faria, a Brazilian who claims to be possessed by 33 different “healers” including St. Ignatius de Loyola, founder of the Jesuit order. Indeed, da Faria claims thousands of beings work with him as he ministers to the hundreds who flock to him for healing. In treating those who come to him for healing, da Faria uses techniques unknown to medial science. For instance he will insert a metal probe into the nose of a “patient” in order to cause bleeding. He also makes incisions on the bodies of his subjects (with no apparent relationship to the disease of the person) and forces his fingers into the wound. He does this while under the control of one or more of the 33 “entities.” It is ironic da Faria is called “John of God.” Considered “one of the most powerful channeling mediums and healers alive today” (, da Faria actually represents a world view diametrically opposed to the God of the Bible. The Holy Bible clearly states mediums and necromancers are enemies of God (Deuteronomy 18:10-12 and many more). Rather than rely upon God they seek to manipulate the natural realm by the power of evil spirits. The “entities” possessing Joao Teixeira da Faria call themselves by the names of long dead human beings but they are actually demonic spirits, bent on deceiving gullible people and leading them astray. Although there is documented evidence some have been cured in visiting da Faria, there is little or no follow up reporting. Some are truly healed. Others may experience improvement in their condition due to the placebo effect of hope, but in any case the price paid for their involvement in the demonic practices of da Faria is high. It is interesting that there have been other physic healers in South America with “ministries” similar to da Faria’s. They have been able to perform miraculous cures that baffle medical science but they too have brought their “patients” under the power of demons. For instance, Jose Pedro de Freitas would “take a simple pocketknife, jab it into the body of the patient (usually his eye), twist it around violently, reach in and pull out the growth or whatever, seal up the flesh in a matter of seconds without stitches, and send the patient on his way” (Gary North, Unholy Spirits: Occultism and New Age Humanism, 229). It is no accident that the practices of de Freitas and da Faria are very much the same. Both represent a world view that rejects the principal of increased blessings through salvation in Jesus Christ and long term ethical compliance to God’s Word. Instead they embrace a philosophy of life that promises advance thorough periodic supernatural intervention on behalf of those who maintain the proper ritual. Joao Teixeira da Faria is nothing more than a spirit medium who has spent thirty years perfecting his performance. Unfortunately, many are fooled by his chosen moniker “John of God” and believe his work is based upon a sound moral. They discover the truth too late.