Catholic Church Denies John of God


In a recent statement from Australia, The Catholic Church officially reports that it does not condone the beliefs and practices of so-called faith healer John of God of Brazil. Joao Faria,  calling himself John of God is the controversial ‘medium and psychic surgeon’ who has been recently popularized and promoted in American media by Oprah, Dyer and others, despite urgent warnings from the medical community.

John of God’s Psychic Surgery


Speaking on 60 Minutes in Australia, which aired a critical investigative news report into Joao Faria in October 2014, Father Brian Lucas firmly stated  ‘ John of God doesn’t have any official affiliation with the Catholic Church’.


Father Brian came forward officially wishing to dispel the fabricated stories which many visitors are urged to believe of John of God’s close association and blessings by God and the Catholic Church. Guides and promoters of John of God have even went so far as to claim public endorsement from the Pope! Gail Thackray, while promoting a John of God event in Canada continually promulgated that John of God received  official acclamation from Pope Benedict, complete with bogus documents stating Pope Benedict ‘ ….proclaimed that this was the healing work of God. This really helps. Now he’s been deemed to be working through Catholicism’.

In review of the upcoming November event of John of God in Australia, Father Brian urgently warned his parishioners and the public,  ‘I think we always have to be very skeptical of people who seek publicity, more so when there is a lot of money involved. When we have claims of miracles and faith healing, a dose of what we might call healthy skepticism is a good thing’



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