Faith healer John of God: Another Tragic Death

This is heartbreaking news, but true! Remembering Lisa Melman. Lisa_Melman_large The woman used by Oprah  to shamelessly promote  Brazilian faith healer John of God to the world as a great healer. Lisa Melman, who had breast cancer was interviewed on Oprah Winfrey Show, episode Do You Believe in Miracles? in 2010. There was a lot of WOO about John of God then on that show and Lisa was influenced and chose to be healed solely by JOG and forgo REAL medical treatment. She suffered as the cancer grew, despite all JOG ‘s spiritual surgeries’. The actual ‘spiritual surgery’ entailed the insertion of a pair of surgical forceps UP HER NOSE! And that’s supposed to heal breast cancer. Recently,  The news show 60 Minutes with Michael Usher,  did an scathing investigative report of John of God, prior to his arrival to Australia in Nov 2014. Calling John of God’s pretend medical treatment horrendous and barbaric! And grilling him about his sexual molestation charges( in Dec John of God was arrested and charged with sexual abuse, rape and juvenile rape) and the great deal of money he makes(in the millions) by fooling sick and desperate people with absolutely no creditable records of healing treatments! And labeling him not John of God, but JOHN THE CON

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 She died of the cancer in 2012.

JOG’s subsequently modified their ‘protocols’ and image by issuing press releases stating not to be held responsible or guarantee any physical healings. And ‘visitors’ MUST see a medical specialist for medical problems. Big Business, there! Read Disclaimer: some faith!!!

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Lisa Melman of Oprah. Does it look like John of God healed her?

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John of God’s right hand man Diego Coppola must know the truth he hears it!! Wonder if he knows a lot more? Google found him here


“Bad Boys, Bad Boys…Whatcha goin do? Whatcha goin do when they come for YOU??”


Just In: Dec 28, 2018

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Victims of John of God’s sexual abuse lead investigators to room at the Casa which violations occurred. Many of John of God’s guides and ‘volunteers’ denied the claims of sexual abuse saying there was no such place at the Casa. 

Statement from ex John of God ‘Casa Guide’ Kathleen Dixon:

.When I read Gail Thackray’sblog which stated there is no such thing as a “private room” and “private bathroom”, or “private sessions” that is not true.  John of God does have a private office on those grounds and there are always women lined up to go in there after sessions.  I have seen this many many times….




Just In, Jan 7, 2018:


John of God RAPED his own daughter, and BEAT her into abortion!



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