John of God Spiritual Final Jeopardy

John of God’s Spiritual  Final Jeopardy Question  ?????

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“This B movie ‘scream queen’ and Porn Peddler claims controversial faith healer  John of God was honored by the Catholic Church ???? ”    or… 

“What does The Pope, Larry Flynt of Hustler Porn Magazine and Brazilian faith healer John of God all have in common ????”  

Answer:    Who is Gail Thackray!!!!



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Yes that’s right!! Gail Thackray/Harris(GT) , the ubiquitous poster girl and newly “New Age “promoter of controversial Brazilian faith healer  John of God (JOG) may have made some very strange and outrageous claims in the past. My God, she may have DONE some very strange and outrageous things! But now she tops even herself by claiming that John of God was honored by Pope Benedict and the Catholic Church. In March 2013, while  promoting JOG’s  ‘stage show and spiritual circus’ in Toronto, Gail unleashed these  incredible bits of woo-tastic PR to John Semley, reporter for the NowToronto Magazine, saying…

Gail:   “Absolutely. A lot of Catholics will say, “I don’t agree with that.” But just two weeks ago, John of God got – I forgot what it’s called – some acclamation from the Pope. I should send it to you.”

John Semley“From Pope Benedict?”

Gail:  “Yeah! Well he proclaimed[The Pope]that this was the healing work of God. This really helps. Now he’s been deemed to be working through Catholicism.”

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This a the cheesy fake “Papal document” which Gail Thackray palmed off to NowToronto  to support her ridiculous claim that The Pope and Catholic Church both honor and endorse  Brazilian quackster John of God (Joao Teixeira de Faria) !!!!!!

That’s right!!! Gail Thackray claims that John of God has… “been deemed to be working through Catholicism”…by The Pope of The Catholic Church!!!!

This is highly incredulous IMHO to anyone knowing the tenets and beliefs of the Catholic Church and the questionably necromantic practices of this self claimed faith healer. But, Gail appears with a characteristic exuberance while on camera and a seemingly endless ability to spout inane New Age spiritist mumbo jumbo, however nonsensical to SELL her product, wherever and whatever that may be. Whether it is John of God’s phony mystical powers, like healing terminal illnesses and all cancers by old carny tricks like scraping eyeballs and sticking forceps up noses.  Gail has made the spectacularly outlandish claim on the televised   The Morning Show Global Toronto  that John of God’s overall healing and cure rate is around 80-90% (see around 6:00 minutes into Interview). Or her own numerous money making super powers  like  communicating with your long dead favorite pet , animal or if the price is right, even human!

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Or this may be the most bizarre spiritual twist of all !  Gail Thackray Harris’ business of  presently promoting and selling her very own pile of filth accumulation of pornographic materials, images and videos. Or better yet, by her porn peddling ‘businesses’ like Barely Legal and her associations  with the perhaps ethically challenged Larry Flynt of Hustler Magazine. Reportedly, she is making MILLIONS pandering to the deviant needs and fetishes of tumescent males in the porn industry. And now, I have no doubt, she will  make millions pandering to the ‘spiritual’ fetishes of the gullible, sick and desperate.

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