Wayne Dyer’s Miracle Wrist Watch

bullshit-smells-like dyer

Who knows if Dyer ever even had leukemia. Wayne Dyer told a lot of stories.

In one story I heard on youtube:


he told how he was healed by the ‘remote psychic surgery’ of faith healer John of God, who was in Brazil, thousands of miles away. All’s Dyer had to do was wear white, drink ‘blessed water’ and go to bed. How convenient, because as he says, he really didn’t have the time to go to that back water town of Abadiania with all his busy time consuming book promotion going on. So Presto, He’s cured, and right in time for writing another book! It is a wonderful story. The only bad thing to happen to him during this ‘surgery’ was the his watch stopped! That’s right! Dyer explains all about this incredulous miracle with supporting scientific facts proving the ‘electromagnetic’ power of John of God (starts at 27′ 55”). Wayne Dyer begins this story crowing about his $17,000 Panerai watch and how it’s scientifically accurate and guaranteed not to lose a second, etc.

Well anyway, he finds that during this procedure with john of God that watch lost 80 minutes and was no longer accurate. His reasoning: ” the electromagnetic field from Brazil (john of god in Abadiania) is faster and higher than any place on the planet”!!!!

That’s a good one. Electromagnetic energy and John of God in the same sentence. Well then, it must be true.




Brazilian ‘healer’ John of God leads cancer patients by the nose