Where Do Faith Healers Go When They Are Sick?

Where do faith healers go to be healed when they are really sick? Most will never subject themselves to the ‘psychic surgeries’ of their many spiritual contemporaries. Nor do they call on their supposed divine source of healing power. They know this is serious business. They are sick and there’s no mumbo-jumbo way out. Invariably, they sneak off to be treated by ‘ Western Medicine’.

Case in point, John of God:


From Brazilian Globo news report on September 9,2015:

The medium Joao de Deus, 73, known to perform spiritual surgery in Abadiânia (GO), in surrounding the Federal District, is hospitalized in Sao Paulo, the Syrian-Lebanese Hospital. He was hospitalized after presenting problems in the digestive tract …in late August. The medium has undergone surgery and recovers well. John of God, who is hypertensive, has undergone previous procedures for stent implants in the heart’s arteries.

Well, there seems to be no doubt that John of God knows who to call on when HE is sick. Entities, psychic surgery, blessed water, wear white, crystal bed treatment. Forget ’bout it! That stuff is all a show for the paying public.