John of God’s Fake Surgery Really Hurts

Here is a video to contest all the bogus claims that faith healer John of God in Brazil uses ‘spiritual anesthetic’ during his psychic surgeries. These claims have been proposed mainly by financially motivated people associated with John of God. From tour guides to Oprah and Wayne Dyer. All claim the faith healer performs his stage surgeries through the power of ‘entities’ without sterilization or anesthetic.

Video taking in the casa is highly regulated through threats and intimidation to promote only John of God propaganda. This video was slipped out pass their security. It clearly shows a typical John of God ‘Up Your Nose’ surgery, where he inserts a pair of forceps thru a nostril deep in the sinus cavity. This is meant as a cure for various illnesses from cancer to hernias to the common cold.  Following the video, we see that this was quite painful for the woman who started screaming. John of God’s stage crew acted immediately to remove the still moaning woman from the stage.