John of God or John of Gold: No Surprise! Big Business for Spiritual Tourism in Brazil


Hospitalization of John of God makes economy fall in Abadiania

Translated from  Brazil news report, 09/14/2015

The absence of the medium Joao de Deus, 73, admitted to São Paulo after undergoing hernia surgery in the stomach, did plummet [economy] in Abadiania, 78 km from Goiânia….

With his absence, the lack of tourist reflected economic issues. “The [economy] here is because of John. If he is not [here], for the city,” claims the attendant pharmacy Fausto Cesário dos Santos.

In the hotel marketer Ana Cláudia Gomes, the [economy] fell about 70% over the past two months. “We depend on the tourist flow to have more people,” he explains.

And from a Veja Brazilia report by Clara Becker and Lilian Tahan 30/08/2013:

Today, religious tourism has changed [the economy]. In ten years, 32 hotels were opened – 29 belong to foreigners. Mandating white clothes encouraged the trade. Mysticism has fostered the consumption of precious stones. “If John is not [here, there is] no point in opening stores,” says Luzia de Sá Abbey trader who sells clothes in town. “There is no denying the strength he has. Boosted the city’s economy,” said the mayor of Abadiânia, Wilmar Arantes (PR).

Gross domestic product [of] Abadiânia is 15 million reais a year [ one reias =0.26 US dollar].In the same period, Casa Dom Inacio de Loyola has sales of at least 7.2 million [reias], taking into account only the trade [of ]passionflower, passion fruit prepared the base, produced right there, sold at 50 reais, bottle and prescribed a weekly average of 3 000 visitors.

John says that his [most of his money] comes from mining. He owns farms in the area, apartments in Brasilia, Goiania and Anapolis Abadiânia. “I had a big house. My dream was to have all children living with me,” he says. Registered [he] has eleven…. with different women. Although [they do] not live under [his]roof, [all]enjoy the wealth that their father accumulated. Every two years, [he] changes the family car fleet. His is a Kia Mohave, valued at 170,000 reais.

Fortune of JOHN OF GOLD includes mining and farm R $ 2,000,000!