Brazilian Dentistry

dr john of god 3

When is a dentist not a dentist? It seems in Brazil, one does not need such bothersome things as  a  Medical Degree of Dentistry,  requisite certifications and a  Dental License. Performing the pictured work is John of God of Abadiania, Brazil. He says with some pride that he has only a grade school education. His only ‘real’ qualification is  being a ‘full trance medium’  incorporating ‘Entities’ to help him. In this case, remove teeth! With the ‘Entities’ help there is also no need for the modern requirements of sterilization, anesthetics and antibiotics. That’s right, no need even to wear gloves or wash your hands! 

dr john of god 2

One of the most amazing things about this ‘act’ that John of God, I mean ‘The Entity’ is performing, is that he is actually pulling out a tooth, as evident in the photos. This is indeed extraordinary! Usually, John of God performs his elaborate and circuitous acts which indirectly heal various body ailments. Like Up Your Nose. Which is applied by putting forceps up your nose and twisting and which in a bizarre unknown  way  cures all kinds of cancers, stomach problems and even hernias! On women patients he prefers to make small incisions in their exposed breasts( quite titillating to some), but nonetheless highly effective for curing incurable diseases.



The next to Final word. My disclaimer is the same as  the Disclaimer from John of God-Healing:

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Wow! These people have put an incredible amount of faith and confidence in the healing power and ability of John of God. I especially like the line “If you suspect you have a disease or health-related condition of any kind, you should contact your health care professional immediately“. They really put their money where their mouth is!!!


Final Word.

All material and information presented here  is intended to be used for educational and entertainment purposes only! Any similarities to actual ‘normal’ people is coincidental. For the sick, gullible and desperate, our sympathy and condolences. For those who use and abuse them, our contempt.