Wayne Dyer and Esther Hicks?

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    What does talk show host Oprah Winfrey, psychologist Dr. Wayne W. Dyer, medium James Van Praagh and “The Secret” author Rhonda Byrne share in common?

    A belief that what you get out of life depends on how you think about life.It seems straightforward enough. Empowering, even. Unfortunately, it isn’t quite that simple.

    Have you ever found yourself wondering if there’s too much ego attached to this trendy philosophy? Or what to make of its logical inverse: that victims are self victimizing?

  2. A wonderful comment about Esther Hicks, Wayne Dyer and New Age Promotions by Deborah Decker:



    I was recently introduced to a person by the name of Esther Hicks, who I had never heard tell of and frankly I was appalled at what I witnessed. Not only the nonsense this woman preached but that she also claims to be channeling an “infinitely wise” “collective consciousness”. She basically is trying to explain this ever popular “law of attraction” but at the same time her gimmick is that she is “all knowing” through this alleged channeling she does. I spotted her as a fraud from the get go. What I was more appalled by was how many people went for this nonsense. They believe it and attempt to achieve it. Wayne Dyer actually endorsed this woman as being “the most profound and wisest teaching on the planet today”, which also astounded me. I have never been able to relate to Wayne Dyer either or the likes of him in many others, but this Hicks woman takes it even further beyond insanity and induces an extremely unhealthy worldview to put it mildly.

  4. After a bit of study of these people I figured that OK, these are wealthy people who have basically gotten wealthy by selling this crap which is a bit of truth mixed in with a lot of wishful thinking and their own personal interpretations of how the universe works and the world for that matter. I always found a huge contradiction in what Dyer SAID and the way he lived his life. When you know how to quote the greats it is hard to go wrong and for awhile I have heard some of his speeches (because I cannot call it teachings, because I for one do not feel he does teach , not me anyway), but I have read those he often quotes. Then I saw how 90% of what he talks about is quoting someone else or paraphrasing what someone else said. Apparently people that claim to be searching spiritually and are attracted to this type of stuff don’t read much of the greats themselves and need someone like Dyer to dilute it for them , interpret it for them and read it out loud. That doesn’t do it for me. I like to read from the SOURCE not someone else’s interpretation of it. He cannot teach anything other than what HE himself knows and has experiences personally. Knowing it and quoting it are two different things and practicing any of it is a third altogether and just because someone can read certain books then regurgitate it back doesn’t mean SQUAT! He may be a good “self help” or motivational speaker but where do they get off ingesting Spiritual truths into their own self created philosophies? I felt offended by him hoarding WEALTH then preaching to us about “peace”. He seems to be full of EGO, yet talks about ridding the ego. I feel as though he is trying to convince himself or speak to his own issues and then he assumes everyone else has the same issues he does. Well maybe some people do. And maybe it is easy to manifest wealth when you ALREADY HAVE IT! They never speak about morality in any of their talks. It’s a kind of “so long as you feel good” and measuring spiritual success with worldly successes, as if that has ever been an ear mark of any spiritual progress or enlightenment. I wondered why if Dyer was so “enlightened” as to be teaching others anything of spiritual value, then why does he HOARD RICHES in a world of so much need? Surely he would have found the ONE law that all find when they find Truth, which is the need for Unconditional Love Right? So that always bugged me badly about him. Then I figured that what is really going on here is that these wealthy people have worldly success, but since that does not bring one happiness, they also want the spiritual to “complete themselves” so to speak, so what they have essentially done, in my view, is create their own religion that simply rationalizes their self serving high standard lifestyles while NOT helping the less fortunate. Their philosophy does in fact induce VICTIM BLAMING. There are things that are within our control and there are things beyond our control, and wisdom is recognizing the difference and not spending one’s time on those things beyond our control and yet their school never talks about this. I learned that from Epictetus and the Stoics which is where the Serenity Prayer I believe came from . Dyer has said “OH my answering machine says “I want to feel good, so if you are going to say anything “negative” that is not intended to make me feel good, hang up and dont’ leave a message because I want to feel good”. Well, in Truth it is HIM that is interpreting the other as “negative” if he has any form of equinimity as he claims in order to “teach” others how to find peace, then why is he himself so easily turned negative by listening to someone else? Isn’t this the same as saying I dont’ want to hear any of your problems, and further they are all created by you anyway. They take SOME truths and some portions of truth and they mix it up with nonsense to rationalize the things they are doing that are NOT unconditionally loving. How is it unconditionally loving to tell people you don’t want to hear any negatives? That is not only unrealistic it is also selfish, cold and calculating and to me suggests that this person has no control over their own emotions or perception in the first place.
    I hate it that he quotes “Mother Teresa” , Buddha, Lao Tzu and Jesus and many others who WERE enlightened. yet not ONE of them LIVED the way he lives himself. Sequestered in a life of luxury and preaching to the rest of us about how to find peace. He’s a constant contradiction and I recently learned through viewing this tape of him and Esther Hicks how he bowed down to her even though she gave , I found over 50 ways to debunk what she was saying as being the polar opposite of the Truth of Spirit as well as the fact that she could not be “channeling any enlightened beings as she claims to be and yet he has endorsed her??? What the hell is that all about. Well they have the same publisher so I guess Dyer does this as a favor to his publisher. I hate it that he will subscribe to and endorse that (as he is very influential ) so people will believe him even when he points to a fraud artist and dangerous whack job like this Esther woman and yet he also at the same time wants to quote Jesus and Buddha, as if he is by any means experiencing the same truths they have found. Not many people have been able to find enlightenment, but these new agers throw that term around so much so that it has lost it’s original meaning. Now they are all “enlightened” in their they are GOD. Dyer has the nerve to on his blog say that this woman as she presents herself as “Abraham” IS him speaking to the “ascended masters” , this woman has told people that she is channeling both Buddha and Jesus. Then why is she teaching the exact opposite of what the Buddha and Jesus both taught? Yet Dyer never once calls her on any of her ongoing contradictions and instead he endorses her as the “most profound and wisest”. If that is the most profound and wisest teachings on the planet today as he states then I guess that explains why the world is in such awful condition isn’t it?
    I haven’t seen the world improve much in the past 20-30 years since these people have been creating their huge followings and fortunes, in fact, I have seen it get progressively worse and I attribute much of it to these people and their “teachings”, as those who follow them are among the middle and upper middle class, wanting MORE for themselves (greed and selfishness) while ignoring the plight of others. And all the while they TALK about “unconditional love”. I wish you ‘d do an expose on this Hicks crap, truly. She is down right dangerous as she has taken this LOA a step or two further. She claims children are thinking themselves into childhood abuse, disease ,etc. She has created her own vocabulary that is a load of nonsense , things like “the vortex” and “high flying disc” and “momentum” (which she redefines words) and the people that follow this stuff all speak as if they are brain washed and cult members. I ‘ve noticed she uses cult type practices too and with a serious intent on indoctrinating. She claims that people get cancer from their thoughts and that medicine or medical treatments don’t actually do anything except free the person from their “resistance” to “allow” themselves to heal by their own “alignment with source” and their “vibrations” are correct. And that her late husband Jerry Hicks was the “best controller of vibration of anyone she has ever known”…but he GOT CANCER! and what did they do? Did they employ the teachings they tell others to do? Nope. They ran out to get chemo and then tired to hide it and did it heal him? No , he died. She charges $200 a pop for people to listen to this alleged “all knowing” “Abraham” (which I have never once heard utter any knowledge over and above this woman’s personal knowledge) and people ask “it” questions and she NEVER ANSWERS THEM, instead she talks and goes on and on repeating her lousy explanation of the LOA (which she stole from others work of course) but claims that she discovered it through this “all knowing” entity she speaks with . Which she has the audacity to call “God”. So imagine you are meditating and you hear God speak to you , and what does he tell you? OH, he tells you to go out on the road and charge people $200 a pop to listen to Him through HER). Her version of God is that it is ONLY Consciousness and it is part of us that is left behind when we came here. We chose our parents, we intended to live the way we are living. None of what she says makes any SENSE and then she uses circular reasoning to explain it all away.

    I figured that these new age “gurus” are the gurus for all the people whose God is MONEY (speak:Abundance). Wouldn’t that be a motivational speaker? Why not leave it at that? Why introduce Spirit into the Equation and God? especially when what you preach is the exact opposite? Because it COMFORTS the wealthy who do not Know Truth or God. That’s why. They were not content with all their wealth and they want their cake and eat it too.
     I don’t believe Dyer to be as malicious INTENTIONALLY, I think he is rather full of himself and actually believes his own CRAP. The success he has experienced has gone to his head and his Ego is running that show. He seems to do things that he READS ABOUT like it’s some kind of a game to him , or a hobby , to study spiritual things and it seems as though he does it just so he will have something to write about for another book or talk about in his next speech. But how can he be all over the map as he is unless he is confused himself.
    Any TRUE teacher to be RESPONSIBLE would have to know his students. for how can you teach someone if you do not know what they will hear and where they are at ? You are shooting in the dark and he has no way of knowing what damages it could do, for I feel that people find him, like him and STOP LOOKING and they end up as confused and lost as he may be on any given day.

    What this country needs is WISDOM and a true teacher, who by EXAMPLE teaches the WEALTHY in this country how to conduct themselves and show them the Light of truth of their Soul / eternal vs. their material comfort. These new agers are all about material comfort and “success” in a world that is dominated by success at the expense of someone else, and they not only turn a blind eye to it but endorse others in the name of God to do so.
    They are in my view hypocrites and I take every opportunity to expose them as the fakes they are OR lost and delusional and certainly in no position to “teach” others anything other than WORLDLY SUCCESS, which quite often is the polar opposite of Spiritual Success.
     We all have to monitor ourselves, as Socrates and Thales said “Know Thyself” , this first and foremost, otherwise we can become dishonest with ourselves and create damages to ourselves and others. Dyer needs to give it up. If he wants to write fine but why the need to publish everything? Why is it that regardless the millions these people never seem to have enough? I shall end and again sorry for the long reply, I do not mind in the least if you have the need to cut me and /or not publish me and /or publish only part of me. I trust you will do so with the best of all intents and THANK YOU!