Don’t Go To JAIL with the Music still in You

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Matthew Pisoni, husband of Serena Dyer and son-in-law of the spiritual guru and self help author Wayne Dyer has been sentenced 7 years in prison for mail fraud. (link)

In May 2015, the FTC indicted Pisoni with sweepstakes mail fraud . Scamming at least 25 million dollars off mostly elderly retirees.(link)


September 11, 2018…..

Looks like Matthew Pisoni is not in Federal prison yet. Wonder why? Maybe it has something to do with being a white collar crime. Even if they stole more than 25 million!
He does have a BOP register # 07898-104



September 21, 2018…..

Keep online track of United States v. Pisoni (1:15-cr-20339)



A clear example of deceptive wording to scam old people out of their money as stated in the FTC lawsuit:(link here)


page 7


25. To create the impression that consumers have won and will receive a substantial
cash prize, Defendants’ letters typically represent that consumers have been specially selected to
receive the prize.

Examples of statements in the letters include:
[Jane Doe], your selection to receive this VERIFIED
DOCUMENTATION was made official today at 09:34:02
confirming your status as DESIGNATED RECIPIENT of cash
directives for Prize Payment Amounts now GUARANTEED to
exceed £2.9 Million and GUARANTEED to be sent to you
pursuant to official guidelines established by this division.

and page 8:

27. Defendants’ letters also often indicate that the recipients are “guaranteed” to
receive the prize money as long as they return the form by the specified deadline and pay
Defendants the specified fee. Examples of statements in the letters include:
Dear [Jane Doe], Official procurement documentation for
GUARANTEED payout of the full $2,280,856.00 is
GUARANTEED to you if you follow the instructions below and
return the form bearing your Registered Documentation Claim
Number by the deadline. That’s all you have to do – you are a


Matt Pisoni hid assets of scam in overseas bank, Gonet & Cie (Gonet), Bahamas. This bank was investigated by US Justice Dept in 2015 and forced to make restitution.

According to the Miami Herald article of Nov 30, 2017:  “ In addition to the $26,871,290 money judgment, the government snagged from Pisoni the house and land at 2430 Castillo Isle in Fort Lauderdale, on which Broward property records put a market value at $2,161,610; and everything inPisoni’s bank account at Geneva bank Gonet & Cie Banquiers Prives; Bahamian bank First Caribbean International Bank; and six SunTrust Investment Accounts.”(link)



Outlaw Pisoni Guilty

Outlaw Pisoni don’t really need a gun to rob people. But it looks cool in photos!


1. Don’t Die with Your Music Still in You
Serena: There’s something I have heard my father say too many times to count: “You will never regret what you do in life; you will only regret what you don’t do.” Everything I have ever done has taught me something, whether it worked out or not. Sometimes the takeaway is simply knowing what I don’t want. Notice whether you are moving toward or away from what excites you. If you pay attention and let yourself be guided by your intuition, you won’t have to worry about dying with your music inside of you.(Link)