…. Glimpses of the world through the lens of spiritual hope and revelation. Being balanced and focused, as a single , black woman, mother, daughter, lover, friend. exploring the wonders of life and spirit. Being Black and Beautiful.  I believe in the experience of a moment, and taking in as much as possible and wish to be able to beautifully express and perfect that into words that evoke a feeling. Resolves dualities, expansion, dissolution, dimension of the timeless, good and bad, right and wrong, day and night, ability to see and relate to eternal dimensions, balance between forces, connects spirit and matter, developing confidence to follow a vision, breaks down barriers to transformation, reality, courage….yada, yada, yada…..I also see  it as yin yang, and if you turn it around on the side it is the infinity symbol and timelessness; a perpetual hourglass moving from one dimension to the other…like being in both dimensions (real and lucid), like my dream…..