Allergic to Afro??

GLOBAL CONNECTIONS Music Off « Last Article Next Article » Things That Make You Go WTF! Black Child Removed From School, White Teacher Allergic to Afro Posted June 7, 2010 by Amma Sarfo… Continue reading

Voice in the Dark said…

Voice in the Dark said… Tuesday, January 15, 2008 Hi Diane and Linelle, Diane you have a wonderful spider sense for all things “bad”. Linelle I do understand how you felt… Continue reading


  Dyspraxia I know what you’re thinking: “Dyspraxia? Doesn’t that have something to do with dyslexia? Or autism?” This is a common misconception. While dyspraxia does have links to both of those conditions,… Continue reading

behaving through love

Self esteem is a word we hear frequently and much of the time it is culturally misunderstood. And to a certain extent, the idea of self esteem that is cultivated in our society… Continue reading

Surprised Employer Fires Sex Blogger

Surprised Employer Fires Sex Blogger A St. Louis blogger thought she went to great lengths to keep her office life and her personal life separate — but then it all went wrong. A… Continue reading

massive spiritual awakening

1.I am a Zoroastrian and for most of my life I totally believed in it but not any more … those who go on and on about christianity being the all for them… Continue reading

This is for my kindred spirit…

This is for my kindred spirit and friend to my inner heart, John. It’s a 2007 CSI Article about quack faith healer and showman, medium john of god in Brazil. My friend’s spiritual… Continue reading

Rising Above

Trying To Love Again, from John

From a real man ( and the love of my life) Trying To Love Again (But Not Sure How) I am starting to wonder if anyone really understands how to make a relationship… Continue reading

God Fearing Man

God Fearing Woman He said she loves me. I believe him. He’s sacrificed so much for the sake of our love. I spent most of our relationship deceiving him. Misleading him. Believing I… Continue reading