This is for my kindred spirit…

This is for my kindred spirit and friend to my inner heart, John. It’s a 2007 CSI Article about quack faith healer and showman, medium john of god in Brazil. My friend’s spiritual… Continue reading

Rising Above

Trying To Love Again, from John

From a real man ( and the love of my life) Trying To Love Again (But Not Sure How) I am starting to wonder if anyone really understands how to make a relationship… Continue reading

God Fearing Man

God Fearing Woman He said she loves me. I believe him. He’s sacrificed so much for the sake of our love. I spent most of our relationship deceiving him. Misleading him. Believing I… Continue reading

Black Woman in my arms

  When I hold a BLACK WOMAN in my arms, I feel the warmth of her embrace, and, when I hear a BLACK WOMAN speak my name, I hear the magic in her… Continue reading