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In Brazil, Faith moves Mountains. OF MONEY!

In Brazil, Faith moves Mountains. OF MONEY! Well, you’ve heard it already from many American sources and skeptics including James Randi, Joe Nickell, David Gorski , Robert Todd Carroll etc etc. And you’ve… Continue reading

Wayne Dyer and The Real Scurvy Elephant

I assume most people are familiar with Wayne Dyer and his often told Scurvy Elephant Story. Many of the Media outlets reporting on Dyer’s death mentioned this and  what was said as  his family’s… Continue reading

John of God Spiritual Final Jeopardy

John of God’s Spiritual  Final Jeopardy Question  ????? “This B movie ‘scream queen’ and Porn Peddler claims controversial faith healer  John of God was honored by the Catholic Church ???? ”    or…  “What does The Pope, Larry… Continue reading


X-RATED PORN CZARINA, GAIL THACKRAY SHOWS HOW TO MARKET HER BODY OF WORK …FOR JOHN OF GOD….. an article in the Chicago Tribune Gail Thackray/ Harris : pet psychic, animal communicator, clairvoyant medium,… Continue reading

Millions made in SMUT by John of God guide

“Millions made in Smut” by John of God guide John of God’s most famous guide and promoter, Gail Thackray made millions of dollars in SMUT. A Chicago Tribune article by Paul Pringle on… Continue reading

John of God, John the CON

John of God was labeled as JOHN THE CON by Australian 60 Minutes News Report. On October 26, 2014, Michael Usher of 60 Minutes aired a thoroughly investigative report on the activities of the… Continue reading

Accused charlatan “healer” ‘John of God’ coming to Australia

From DOUBTFUL NEWS http://doubtfulnews.com/2014/10/accused-charlatan-healer-john-of-god-coming-to-Australia/ Accused charlatan “healer” ‘John of God’ coming to Australia by idoubtit • October 4, 2014 • 9 Comments Infamous, so-called faith healer John of God is coming to Australia – a prospect that… Continue reading

Tribute to John of God

A new tribute in book/ DVD/ poster and BS form: John of God’s amazing ‘Up Your Nose’ surgery that cures all ills and ailments to the human body, mind and soul. Incredulous!!! Scientists already… Continue reading

Faith healer Medium John of God honoured by Pope???

           I came across this rather bizarre information while looking into faith healer ‘john of god’ of brazil.   From a web site by Kiran Schmidt( see below), making claims that both ‘john of god’… Continue reading

A Cure by Brazil’s John of God?

Lumpy Custard http://lumpycustard101.blogspot.com/2011/03/cure-by-brazils-john-of-god.html It might not be perfect, but it’s delicious. Wednesday, March 2, 2011 A Cure by Brazil’s John of God? The other day I had some time on my hands and… Continue reading